5 Ways To Fix Hammer Toes Without Surgery  

Hammer toes are commonly known as ‘bent toes.’ It is the deformity that makes your toe bent downwards instead of forward. Hammer toe can occur in any of the toes, but it affects the second toe the most. You can fix hammer toes without surgery, provided you take some action before it get worse.


Hammer toes gets worse with time, becoming increasingly rigid. It is a slow evolving condition; you cannot get it overnight. There are many causes for hammer toes such as:


  • Not wearing the right shoes.
  • A toe injury.
  • Tightened ligaments.
  • High foot arch.


5 ways which can cure hammer toes without any surgery:


  1. Exercise: Your feet need workout too! Stretch out your toes and feet every day, to avoid getting them too strained. Doing exercise will help your feet to become more tolerant of the pressure they go throughout the day. Also, it will help your muscles and nerves to relax.


  1. Footwear: The leading cause of hammer toe is your poor fitting pair of shoes. To prevent this problem, you should invest in the right pair of shoes. Restrict yourself from wearing too tight or high-heeled shoes.


  1. Quick pain relief: To relieve your feet from pain, you can take home treatment or some medications too. When you are home, you can put ice pack on your feet, to comfort it. You can also ask a pharmacist to give you certain medicines to reduce soreness in your feet.


  1. Cushions and Padding: Orthopaedic devices can help in healing the inflammation caused by hammer toes. Devices such as foot straps, padding, and cushions are readily available in the market. These medical tools will make your feet comfortable and correct their deformities.


  1. Splints: Using splints or applying tapes to the affected area can help realign and further prevent it from bending.


There are many ways to fix hammer toes without surgery. Everyone should take proper foot care as minor problems today can turn into disasters if ignored. We all know that prevention is better than cure, so better to consider these ways before it gets too late and you are abandoned with a surgery.